Top 3 Residential Painting Tips for Your Wellington Point Property

There’s no doubt that Wellington Point is a special part of the world. With stunning weather playing host to family friendly activities all-year round, it’s a community hot spot for fishing, kayaking, boating and just getting your friends together for a BBQ.

The majority of housing in the area are 3+ bedroom free standing homes on generous blocks, resulting in the Wellington Point community consisting of mostly established families and couples.

As a buyers’ market that has enjoyed steady growth over the last 5 years, it’s important that regardless of what stage of the buying process you’re at, your home needs to be reaching its potential every day.

Staying on top of and planning for maintenance keeps you happy at home every day and gives you less to worry about when you decide it’s time to sell.

So how do you keep your coastal home looking and feeling its best? As the most trusted residential painters in Wellington Point, here are our 3 top tips to care for your property now and add extra value when it’s time to say goodbye.


Top 3 Residential Tips From Your Trusted Wellington Point House Painter


1. Pressure clean your whole house once a year

While living the coastal lifestyle has its obvious perks, being so close to the ocean means that there are a few extra things you should be doing around your home to keep it looking and functioning its best.

Salt build up from ocean spray causes damaging corrosion to roofs, gutters, door/window fittings and more, ultimately leading to the structural deterioration of your home, and damaging the way it looks. As experienced house painters in Wellington Point, we’ve attended many residential properties to quote on repainting, only to find the home in need of an extensive clean to prepare.

Pressure washing your entire home at least once a year prevents the salt building up and adds lifespan to your exterior. This is our #1 tip to all homeowners in Wellington Point or anywhere coastal!


2. Know your warning signs & when it’s time for a residential repaint


Like anything, being ahead of the game and spotting warning signs early gives you the best shot at fixing any damage before it gets out of control and budget. This is even more important when it comes to house painting!

Simple things like checking for flaking, bubbling, peeling or fading paint will allow you to respond quickly and appropriately to any necessary projects.

Our team of residential painters in Wellington Point have seen all degrees of deterioration on houses, and though it can always be fixed with the help of specialist residential painters, addressing it earlier rather than later is always better.


3. Only use the right type of residential house paint and do not cut corners


Whether internal or external, gloss or matte finishing’s, textured or plain, there are endless characteristics of paint that determine its appearance, how it’s best applied and how appropriate it is for certain surfaces.

Going DIY and using the wrong type of paint happens often, leading to unnecessary early deterioration of both your home and your bank account.

By consulting professionals and investing in the preventative maintenance of your property, you can ensure your Wellington Point home is always looking its best!

As specialist house painters in Wellington Point, we’re experienced in addressing the concerns relevant to the area and helping homeowners make the right choice when it comes to a residential repaint.

We hope our Top 3 Tips for residential painting help you, no matter what stage of the buying process you’re at. Feel free to contact Tim to discuss your own home’s painting needs and receive a free quote.

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