Thinking of painting your commercial property in Capalaba?

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We all know first impressions matter. When you’re a business owner, they’re often the make or break element when it comes to attracting and keeping new clients. Whether you’re a cafe owner or trade-store operator, the environment you create for your customers directly influences your profitability.


As local business operators ourselves, here at TCP we’re passionate about bringing out the very best in small business. Nothing adds immediate appeal and value to a commercial property more effectively than what we achieve with our high-quality commercial painting services.


Thinking it’s time to give your business a face lift? By taking a dive into the Redland Bay Rd 14-business large project we recently completed, we can uncover the key considerations you need to make when engaging a commercial painter in Capalaba.


How to know it’s time for a commercial repaint

At our recent project at 178-182 Redland Bay Road in Capalaba, the precinct exterior had faded terribly and was holding on to a very out-dated colour scheme. Other tell-tale signs like paint cracking, bubbling or peeling on the walls are clear indicators it is time for a refresh.


Not only do these damages contribute to your business looking rundown, signs like bubbling paint can mean there are bigger issues with plumbing and drainage. Don’t wait for issues like this to worsen and get any suspicious areas assessed urgently by a commercial painter.


Only use the very best commercial painting materials

Like any investment, repainting your commercial property should be approached with a ‘quality over quantity’ mindset. The quality of products and labour used directly influences the longevity of your paint work and makes your money work harder for you over time.


With the Redland Bay Rd project, we achieved a thick, durable coating that will stand the test of time by using the best exterior Taubmans paint on the market, applied with the best equipment and craftsmanship in the Capalaba area.


As a larger-scale project, we also repainted external fixtures and updated safety markings across the property. All handrails were rust converted, primed and glossed with Black White Knight guard products and safety yellow epoxy was freshly applied to carpark kerbs and bollards.


It’s easy to get caught up in the big elements, but small touch ups like refreshing your handrails with a commercial repaint can have a big impact on the aesthetic appeal and your customers’ experience.


Communication is key on large painting projects

The importance of communication within a commercial painting project extends beyond the obvious. With larger-scale projects comes extra safety precautions, so you need to have clear communication with your commercial painter around how they will approach the more difficult parts of the job well before it begins.


Commercial painting projects can affect operations for you and neighbouring businesses – but shouldn’t. By communicating clearly with your painter and surrounding stakeholders you can negotiate an approach that has minimal impact on daily operations.


Spotting early warning signs, using the best materials and finishing the project seamlessly and safely without affecting your business are imperative to us here at TCP Painting. By engaging our expert commercial painting services you are making the best possible choice for your Capalaba business.


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